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About Alig Conveyor Automation

Alig Conveyor Automation Private Limited (Previously known as Aleg Engineering), Specializing in industrial automation in the sector of overhead and floor conveyors.

Established in 2007, Alig Conveyor Automation Private Limited has experienced considerable technical and market growth in the last number of years. We provide overhead conveyors, floor conveyor, handling systems, and customized conveyors to suit customer’s specific requirements.

No matter what the industry or application, our overhead and floor conveyors products play key roles in material handling, manufacturing, finishing, warehousing and distribution centers.  We provide a wide variety of consulting engineering services from basic system design to developing complex controls and simulation of our conveyors to prove efficiency and capacity before materials are purchased or one piece of steel has been installed. Our number-one goal is to meet your company or organization’s unique conveyor needs using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology

Our Infrastructure

We have developed our infrastructure in a proper manner to assure hassle-free performance of our various business activities. Our business premises are fully equipped with modern-day facilities and essential resources to provide non-stop support to our production operations. High-performing and reliable machines and tools are installed in our manufacturing facility to deliver a flawless gamut of products. We have a spacious and well-organized warehouse for the categorical and safe storage of our finished products. A research & development unit is engaged in performing scientific experiments for the quality enhancement of our products.